About SpectraTek

SpectraTek designs and manufactures state-of-the-art electronic surveillance equipment for law enforcement and government agencies worldwide. Incorporated in California’s Silicon Valley in 1993, our design & product philosophies are based on high reliability, optimum miniaturization, enhanced resistance to weather extremes, and practical human engineering.

SpectraTek has years of law enforcement and intelligence operations experience in the surveillance industry. With technical expertise in analog and digital electronics, SpectraTek designs and manufactures reliable, powerful, durable and innovative surveillance, communication and countermeasure solutions. Our product designs are based on state-of-the-art microelectronics and miniaturization technology that adhere to stringent security, defense, and law enforcement standards.

SpectraTek’s advanced intelligence and countermeasures products can be easily tailored to portable units for easy deployment or assembled into rack mount units for larger systems such as a surveillance van. With SpectraTek’s expert design team, we can design and manufacture products and solutions for any intelligence, surveillance or countermeasure operation.

Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only