Terms and Conditions


PRICES: All prices listed are F.O.B. Factory, Campbell, California USA, and are based on single quantity procurement and are subject to change without prior notice. Formal price quotations for single or multiple quantities will be provided upon request.

ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER: Orders containing equipment items which require crystal installation will not be accepted or processed before all customer signal frequency requirements are- specified in writing to SpectraTek. Any purchase orders received without such required frequency-information shall be considered incomplete and subsequent delivery schedules (ARO) shall begin only upon receipt of all frequency requirements.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Domestic USA Customers: Net; Thirty (30) Day, (minimum order $50.00). International Orders: Confirmed Irrevocable Letter of Credit.

FREIGHT: F.O.B. Destination: For Domestic Orders F.O.B. San Francisco: For International Orders

BID AND PERFORMANCE BONDS’: Those departments or agencies requiring bid or performance bonds shall be charged for all bonding costs incurred by SpectraTek, based upon the amount of the bond required. Such charges shall be identified and quoted in bids submitted. Our bonding company imposes charges according to the bond amount and effective time period; therefore these charges will be passed on to the customer.

EQUIPMENT REPAIR: Equipment Repairs made at the factory shall be billed at a rate of $125.00 per hour (regular hours and $200.00 per hour for work that is requested for weekends or holidays. The minimum charges is $125.00.                                                                                                                        .

WARRANTY: SpectraTek warrants only to the first purchaser that equipment manufactured by us will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from date of shipment. Defects caused by abuse, misuse, accident, modification, unauthorized repair or other causes beyond the control of SpectraTek are not covered by warranty.

FORCE MAJEURE: Except for obligations of delivery set forth herein, SpectraTek shall not be responsible or held liable for failure of performance of contracts resulting from orders placed hereunder, due to causes beyond its control including, but not limited to, work stoppages of SpectraTek employees or employees of others, fires, civil disturbances, riots, rebellions, strikes, acts of God and similar occurrences; nor will SpectraTek be held liable for collateral or consequential damages resulting thereof.


ALL equipment when applicable is sold subject to Public Law 90-351. Title III 18 USC Section 2511 and any local, state or federal ordinances. Telephone tariffs should be consulted prior to use of any equipment attached to telephone lines. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer (not the seller) to consult legal counsel for an interpretation of any laws applicable to the area of intended use.

Certain products may not be exported from the USA without specific approval from the Department of Commerce (part 370, Export Administration Regulations) and/or the Department of State (title 22 parts 121-128 ITAR. This is not an offer to sell. This equipment is available to government and law enforcement agencies only.

Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only