Advanced Technology

Covert Audio and audio surveillance cell phone app

The Tools You Need For Your Investigations

  • Live-streams audio & video
  • Records in real-time
  • GPS tracking
  • Multiple listeners
  • No transmission delay
  • Infinite-range monitoring
Capture your evidence every time, everywhere
Easy to use mobile app on your Android or iPhone

More of the features you’d expect

  • Undetectable while in use
  • No extra equipment
  • Files stored on phone
  • Safely secures evidence
  • Cloud-based law enforcement server
  • Unlimited recording minutes
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SpectraTek - Law Enforcement Technology Solutions

State-of-the-Art Electronic Surveillance Equipment

Law Enforcement’s High Technology Source for Surveillance Products and Systems since 1992

SpectraTek has years of law enforcement and intelligence operations experience in the surveillance industry. With technical expertise in analog and digital electronics, SpectraTek designs and manufactures reliable, powerful, durable and innovative surveillance, communication and countermeasure solutions. Our product designs are based on state-of-the-art microelectronics and miniaturization technology that adhere to  security, defense, and law enforcement standards.

Why SpectraTek?

SpectraTek designs and manufactures state-of-the-art electronic surveillance equipment for law enforcement and government agencies worldwide.

Our Product Line

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