Body Wires / Covert Phones

SpectraCall Covert Phone

Covert Cellular Phone Technology


  • Turn a mobile phone into a body wire using the cellular infrastructure to transmit audio.
  • Functions on any Android Smartphone. Use your existing equipment. No hardware to purchase.
  • Record and monitor all phone calls, incoming or outgoing, along with any ambient sound.
  • No need for a controlled 3-way call, or for dialing up any phone.
  • The application runs in the background.
  • Evidence is kept in a secure, encrypted Law Enforcement-exclusive cloud-based storage server.
  • Track GPS locations.
  • Get unlimited storage, listening minutes, messages, GPS locations, etc.
  • Record text messages and social media messages including photos and videos, on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viper, etc
  • Automatically Uploads and record calls, photos and videos.
  • Track and manage GPS coordinates, fences, info and route.
  • Track Wi-Fi access points.
  • Manage administrative functions, such as browser history, calendar, key logging and contacts.
  • Send announcements and remote commands.

SpectraCall Covert  Cellular Phone is a Body Wire that provides clear live audio recording with secure remote monitoring

SpectraCall Covert Phone is a powerful tool for monitoring and tracking Law Enforcement surveillance operations.

With the SpectraCall  Covert Phone you can monitor conversations, track GPS Location, record Text and Call Logs, record Live Calls and much more.

All data is uploaded to our secure Law Enforcement exclusive server.

SpectraCall runs entirely in the background, discreetly, even responding to invisible remote Text commands, and offers remote settings configuration from our powerful, easy-to-use web panel.

Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only