Body Wires / Covert Phones


Covert Cellular Phone


  • Unlimited distance
  • Customized software in a standard smart phone
  • No user programming required
  • Records all calls automatically in the covert phone
  • Calls recorded in clear audio
  • Listen and record audio activity discreetly
  • Multiple users can monitor the audio in real time
  • No indication of recording in progress; no beeps, sounds or flashing lights
  • GPS location sent covertly
  • Automatic labeling of each recording with ID (name, number, date & time)
  • Audio file transfer to any PC with USB cable
  • Covert phone supplied in a rugged Pelican storage case
  • Spectraphone operates on all major 4G LTE networks

Covert Cellular Audio Transmission and Recording

Use Cellular Technology to replace limited distance and substandard audio from conventional RF body bugs. The Spectraphone appears and operates as a standard smart phone on all 4G networks, however it will covertly transmit and record all ambient sounds within 10 feet and record ALL calls automatically.

All calls are carried over the cellular networks, and are not subject to Internet or Cloud-based voice delays.

Call recording is instant and discreet, providing crystal clear audio stored on the phones internal memory.

The Covert phone can also be remotely activated to monitor and record room activity from any phone.

Download the Spec Sheet

Spectraphone Spec Sheet
Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only