Covert Cell App


Mobile App : Covert Video : Audio Surveillance

Advanced Technology in a Cell Phone App for COVERT VIDEO & AUDIO SURVEILLANCE.

New undetectable surveillance App operates discreetly on your cell phone recording investigations while still functioning as a phone. Safely tracks GPS coordinates and livestreams activity reducing your risk by increasing response times. Multiple listeners can monitor operations in real-time and are alerted to situations instantaneously. With its infinite-distance range and higher-resolution transmissions, trust knowing your crucial evidence is accurately captured and safely secured.

Easy to use App on your own device, Android or iPhone.

  • Use your phone as a surveillance device
  • No extra equipment to purchase making it an affordable solution
  • Data files stored conveniently on your phone
  • Secures evidence on an encrypted Law Enforcement exclusive cloud-based server

The tools you need for your investigations.

  • GPS Tracking pinpoints your location
  • Undetectable software operates while having full function of your phone
  • Dedicated App discreetly records with no beeps, sounds or flashing lights
  • Records in real-time and live-streams operations

Advanced features you should expect.

  • Multiple listeners can monitor your investigations
  • Unlimited recording minutes for ongoing investigations
  • No transmission delay by using cellular data networks
  • Precision-quality audio and higher-res video accurately records all activity
  • Infinite-range distance recording capabilities

Proprietary Software App developed by SPECTRATEK exclusively for Law Enforcement.

Download the Spec Sheet

SpectraCall Spec Sheet
Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only