SC 235

Cellular/VHF Repeater Command


  • Tactical unit with integral cellular base phone, digital audio recorder and repeater
  • VHF repeater transmits real-time audio to cover team VHF portable radios
  • Unit housed in rugged Pelican case with 12-volt rechargeable power supply
  • Headset connector and audio line-in-jack for external audio source
  • AC and DC chargers, VHF antenna, and audio recorder data cable
  • Solid State digital recording
  • Internal speaker with volume control
  • Voice-over capability
  • UHF transmission option available
  • Switchable 2 and 5 watt transmitter option available for Federal users
  • SpectraTek STC Series covert cellular phone in a fitted Pelican case
  • Configured for AT&T or Verizon networks

Tactical Repeater with Covert Cell Phone Input & VHF Output

The SpectraCom 235 is a tactical unit that combines an integral cellular phone, digital voice recorder, and 2-watt VHF FM transmitter to produce a portable listening post for the included SpectraTek STC Series covert cellular phone.

The cellular base phone transmits to, and receives calls from the covert cellular phone, and can record these calls to the on-board digital recorder.

The VHF repeater can, upon operator command, relay these calls to back-up support personnel via their VHF public-safety radios.

Download the Spec Sheet

SC 235 Spec Sheet
Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only