Surveillance Vehicles

HVAC Upgrade

Key Benefits

  • Powered by a battery bank and inverter in an integrated system installation
  • All HVAC components contained on a single chassis
  • All-aluminum construction for long life and light weight
  • Strong, silent squirrel-cage blower
  • Built-in shock and vibration insulation
  • Disguised weatherproof electrical connection
  • Heavy-duty 25-foot AC power cable provided
  • Digital thermostat is located for ease of operation

Upgrade your Surveillance Vehicle Climate Control System

No more wet ice
Upgrade your Surveillance Van Climate Control System with a modern compressor-driven system to replace your old wet ice unit. Surveillance vans typically feature low mileage for a 5-10 year old vehicle, and are perfect candidates for surveillance and climate control system upgrades.

Silent comfort
The SpectraTek marine-grade HVAC systems provide year-round comfort with an efficient, silent compressor-driven unit powered by a separate battery bank, all configured under a bench seat in your van’s operations area.

Thermostatically controlled
Your long operational shifts are guaranteed to be in comfort with the thermostatically controlled system maintaining the temperature and humidity in your van’s interior environment in any weather, both hot and cold.

SpectraTek Surveillance Vehicle HVAC units run on 120VAC, which is supplied by dedicated 12V AGM batteries with an inverter , and charged via shore power. The self-contained HVAC systems are available in 7,500 BTU/Hr, 10,000 BTU/Hr, and 14,000 BTU/Hr capacities. All models have built-in heating strips providing an integrated year-round comfort solution.

Download the Spec Sheet

HVAC Upgrade Spec Sheet
Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only