Surveillance Video

Multi-Mission Video

Tactical Video Surveillance System

Camera, Modem and Computer can be shared between the Two Systems for reducing Department budget costs

  • PTZ color day/night camera and modem is easily installed in either of the two tactical video platforms.
  • Video and audio transmission over high speed cellular network to a dedicated computer.
  • Video and audio is instantly available to all authorized persons on the system computer or the user’s mobile devices.
  • Flexible power options include battery, solar and AC.

Rapid Deployment of Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video over High-Speed Cellular Network

SpectraTek’s Multi-Mission Tactical Video Surveillance System utilizes common major video components in two modular modes of deployment:

Together, the SP 949 Window / Tripod Mount and the SP 955 Utility Box Pole Cam provides a cost-efficient solution by using remote video to reduce on-site surveillance man power, yet highly adaptable wireless video surveillance system tailored to your department’s unique needs.

The cost savings is achieved by sharing the major components between the systems.

Download the Spec Sheet

Multi-Mission Video Spec Sheet
Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only