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  • Durable housing and Battery - High-capacity battery in a magnetic-base water-resistant Pelican housing.
  • GPS and Cellular Antennas - High performance internal GPS and cellular antennas.
  • Kit Components - Complete kit includes an extra battery, AC battery charger and Pelican case for storage.
  • Web Site Controls - Easy to use web site controls allow you to adjust and control your tracking information.
  • Multiple Tracking Options - Departments with multiple units can switch from unit to unit, controlling tracking information for each one or view all trackers on one map.
  • No Software or Dongle Required - An Internet connection and a web browser on a computer, tablet or phone is all that is required. Access to the SpectraTrak website is secure, safe, and reliable. The site is tested and SSL certified against known Internet threats daily by McAfee Secure.

More Features

  • No Client or Map Licenses Required – With the SpectraTrak Secure GPS Tracking solution there are no licenses involved. Multiple users can be assigned individual login credentials. At anytime you may change your password using the control panel to update your contact information.
  • Enhanced Tracking Reports – Refine your reports using familiar drop down menus to select date ranges, times of day, parked or set speed exceeded, time delta between points, 12 or 24 hour time format, and reverse address geocoding. All reports can be exported and saved in a variety of formats (Text, Excel, and XML).
  • Geo-Fencing – Set tracking parameters, track in real-time, with up to eight Geo-Fences with notifications by text or email
  • Breadcrumb Tracking – Enable “breadcrumb” tracking, and adjust variables for local or long-distance travel.
  • Perma-Points – Every tracking point is uniquely numbered and archived making it accessible for future verification.
  • Live Reverse Geo-Coding – All mapping applications will quickly display the nearest address to the tracking unit location.
  • Pattern Identification – Using the enhanced tracking reports it is easy to identify tracking patterns and frequently visited locations on the map with visual marker icons and connected routes.
  • Low Battery Warning via Text Message & Email – Alerts the user to 20% of remaining battery life, allowing enough time to change the battery. An integrated motion sensor activates the tracker when movement is detected, extending battery life. Each battery will provide 4 weeks or more of continuous use.
  • The best coverage with either GSM or WCDMA technology – Select coverage service from AT&, T-Mobile or Verizon for the most complete coverage in the US.
  • Stop and Start Notifications – Text notifications when vehicle stops for pre-determined time and begins moving again.

Download the Spec Sheet

SpectraTrak Spec Sheet
Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only