SC 205



  • Disguised in a backpack to blend in with common activities
  • Frequency Range: 148 – 174 MHz VHF band in 2.5 kHz steps
  • RF Power Output: 2 Watts @ 12 Vdc @ 50 ohms
  • Power: External 12 - 14 Vdc, 110 VAC, and internal rechargeable battery
  • Operational Time: 5 hours of continuous operation
  • Low Voltage Cutoff to protect battery
  • Frequency Separation between TX and RX: 4.5 MHz min – 10 MHz max
  • Channels: Three external switched programmed receive channels and two transmit channels
  • Channel Separation: +/- 200 kHz between TX and RX frequency
  • Headset output for audio monitoring
  • Transparent passing of P25 AES or DES encryption code
  • 1/4 Wave Antenna, 12 Vdc vehicle power adapter, AC/DC battery charger

The SC 205 Tactical Repeater System is engineered to support modern multi-band programmable communications equipment

The SC 205 provides a flexible solution to transmit surveillance audio to mobile receivers.

The SC 205 can transmit to P25 Public Safety secure encrypted radio communications.

The SC 205 is designed to utilize the SpectraTek Covert Cellular Body Wire System. The SpectraTek Covert Cellular Body Wire can be used with your personal or department cell phone to integrate the audio into the repeater, transmitting to both VHF and P25 radios.

Download the Spec Sheet

SC 205 Spec Sheet
Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only