Surveillance Vehicles

SV Retro Fit

Custom Features

Every agency has unique needs that we can accommodate with a wide selection of system features, such as alarm systems and remote start.

SpectraTek self-contained vehicle systems provide the technology and comfort to enable long, on-station missions in a secure environment.

Upgrade your current Surveillance Vehicle with our Retrofit Program

The SpectraTek Retrofit Program provides a cost effective, budget-friendly alternative to a new vehicle, especially when your current vehicle is in good condition. Surveillance vans typically feature low mileage for a 5-10 year old vehicle, and are perfect candidates for surveillance and climate control system upgrades.

Makes Wet Ice Obsolete
Upgrade your Surveillance Van Climate Control System with a modern compressor-driven system to replace your old wet ice unit. The SpectraTek marine-grade HVAC systems provide year-round comfort with an efficient, silent compressor-driven unit powered by a dedicated separate battery bank, all configured under a bench seat in your van’s operations area.

Cellular Network
Modern high-resolution IP cameras with connectivity over a cellular network provide remote access to video and recording operations. Space efficiency is improved with components such as LCD monitors and digital recorders. The remote access also allows the vehicle to function as an un-manned drop car, still capable of complete camera PTZ control.

Human Engineered cabin
Use your existing cabinetry, or upgrade to a modern configuration with thermal and acoustic insulated floor, wall and ceiling covering to provide improved comfort for long-term manned operations.

Download the Spec Sheet

SV Retro Fit Spec Sheet
Restricted to Government, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Only